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31 May 2010

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our website friends

Thank you to all these 30 countries for listening to our story in May!

We feel so blessed to have so many new friends from around the world that are supporting our efforts through watching our film. We are amazed at how may people in such diverse climate regions have taken the time to listen to our story. We thank them. It is humbling to consider someone from Saudi Arabia gave us almost a half hour of time. Kauai has got to be about the easiest place on earth to have success in creating a subsistence yard. Saudi Arabia; my guess is full food production in the backyard is a serious challenge there. We found this video below to show success is possible in a dry desert climate. This is a great story about what was made possible in Jordan.

With best wishes and maximum respect to our fellow humans on the other side of this big world. May you have much success in reclaiming the abundance of your land!!! Aloha from the team at Akamai Backyard!

24 May 2010

Talking Story on the KKCR garden show 5/26/2010 12 noon

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Paul of Regenerations and the KKCR Garden ShowYeah! We are going to talk story with Garden Show host, Paul Massey, on KKCR this Wednesday, 5/26/2010.

11 May 2010

Managing the Critters

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We have 18 pets with names in our Akamai Backyard plus countless fish and volunteers from nature. There is a real art to keeping all the animals happy and living in harmony. Most animals do not like to be contained. We have nine turtles who share the pond area. We do our best to make a happy resort for them. Oddly, turtles are great climbers and fast runners. There is no reasoning with a reptile. They just don’t grasp the concept of cars and lawn mowers. A fully vertical fence is important around a turtle pond to keep them from escaping. They are considered an invasive species. Our were donated by friends who found them in the wild. The turtles and the fish are our only fully confined animals. The chickens sleep in the coop at night. We did have bunnies, but the puppies finished them off as they grew into dogs. heavy sigh. We are thinking about getting a couple baby goats but are giving serious consideration to their need to be confined. …any thoughts?